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Speciality pharmacy for top quality Chinese medicinal products
We carry a wide range of individual herbs and formulas as granulate extracts in premium, strictly controlled quality. In Switzerland we also provide raw herbs.
Traditional Chinese formulas available for direct shipping throughout Europe
The herbs are professionally packaged and labelled according to the prescriber’s requirements. They then are sent by post directly to the patients.
Uncompromising analytics
Our team of pharmacists in Switzerland and the Netherlands guarantees the highest quality medicinal products.
OOS: Our online ordering system with an integrated TCM knowledge database
New: direct help on your computer, with one click!
LIAN Online Support
The advantages of the Online Ordering System
• Write prescriptions quickly thanks to a full text search.
• Individual formulas can be stored as templates and easily accessed.
• Standard prescriptions from the literature can be accessed.
• You always have an overview of your order, the processing status and the shipping date.
• You can order several formulas and products in one order.
• It is possible to manage several practices and customer databases.
• You have access to the LIAN knowledge database, which our TCM team keeps up to date and is constantly expanding. The LIAN TCM knowledge database is currently only available in German, with further languages being prepared.
Professional competence
The TCM consulting team would be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Order the free LIAN Catalogue
Granule tablets also available in the EU
Since 2013, LIAN has offered pressed granule tablets in Switzerland, and this has been a resounding success. The tablets are very popular and are ordered frequently. Now, we can also offer tableting of custom herb presciptions in the EU. In the EU, the tablet sizes of 1 g and 0.5 g are available. The tablets are sent vacuum packed in a sealed and resealable bag to the patient. More about tablets and capsules Capsules And Tablets
We will be at the British Acupuncture Council Conference
From 23. to 25. September 2016 in Reading (London)
LIAN CHA or LIAN TEA stands for harmonious, carefully composed blends of top quality Chinese herbs. We have been offering LIAN TEAs for many years – and they are very popular. Lian Cha - Chinese Herbal Teas
External Cosmetics
Three LIAN RU emulsion gels and a LIAN SHUI liquid spray for painful blood stasis and wind with dampness, cold or heat. Beneficial LIAN YOU massage oil, ideal for massaging, cupping and Gua Sha treatments. The LIAN MEI face mask harmonises blemished as well as oily and dry skin. Lian Ru - Emulgels